Our HVAC Portfolio

We do Specialty Projects that Most Companies Can’t Handle

Project Name: 4-ton Trane XR16
Location: Pelham, AL
Description: Installed a 4-ton Trane XR16 2-stage air conditioner, XV80 variable speed 2-stage gas furnace, aluminum evaporator coil, and Wi-Fi touchscreen Trane XL824 thermostat. Added a return duct for the finished basement.

“We were very impressed with Capital! We had our old split AC and furnace systems replaced. They made everything from the initial quote, to getting financing, to the install itself very easy and fast. Our unit died, and they were able to visit and quote us quickly. Once we accepted they almost immediately setup our financing and had us booked for install the next day. Everyone involved was very kind, genuine and professional. Quality of install was very impressive. Really happy with our decision to work with them.”

Project Name: 4-ton RunTru system
Location: Hoover, AL
Description: Removed the existing 4-ton system from the crawl space and relocated the new 4-ton Run Tru system and all new duct work to the attic. Installed a 4-ton Run Tru A4AC4 air conditioner, A801X gas furnace, aluminum evaporator coil, and digital thermostat.

Project Name: 3-ton Trane XR14
Location: Vestavia Hills, AL
Description: Installed a 3-ton Trane XR14 air conditioner, S8X2 2-stage gas furnace, aluminum evaporator coil, refrigerant lines, new double wall vent pipe, and added a return for the main level.

“Wanted to upgrade 20+ year old hvac system during off season. Preliminary inspection identified problems not previously recognized by two other companies, enabling purchase of less expensive system than anticipated. The 3-4 man crew worked for a day and a half to do extensive upgrades to ductwork, exhaust, furnace and a/c systems. All of the work was first rate and the system now works much better than before. Pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the equipment and workmanship. Very happy and highly recommend Capital Heating & Cooling.”

Project Name: 4-ton Trane XR14
Location: Birmingham, AL
Description:Installed a 4-ton Trane XR14 air conditioner, S8B1 gas furnace, & aluminum evaporator coil.

“I have asthma/allergies and needed a whole-house dehumidifier plus hospital-grade air purification/filtration. I decided on Aprilaire after a fairly exhaustive search, who in turn recommended Capital Heating and Cooling as a vendor.”

Project Name: 25-ton Trane Commercial Package Unit
Location: Hoover, AL
Description: Installed a 25-ton Trane Foundation cooling only package unit and digital thermostat with duct modifications.

Project Name: 3-ton & 4-ton Trane XR14
Location: Birmingham, AL
Description: Installed a 3-ton and 4-ton Trane XR14 air conditioning unit and evaporator coil.

“Capital Heating & Cooling replaced the A/C portion (indoor evaporator coils and outdoor condenser coils) of two Trane HVAC systems at my home, one for the main level and one for upstairs. I am very happy with their work. They took the step of identifying that the original pvc piping used for the drain for the unit in the attic was not draining effectively (a worker in the attic poured a gallon of water into it while another worker in the garage observed and noted the water did not make it to the drain in the garage) and they corrected that, mounting fasteners in multiple places along the PVC pipe to ensure it sloped properly in its run across the attic, and they replaced the rusted overflow tray beneath the HVAC unit. They also eliminated the traps in the drains for both units, which is where algae would always build up; the traps were apparently redundant because both drains feed into a drain in the garage floor that has a trap beneath the concrete floor. They left straight cleanouts in place of the p-traps which should reduce algae buildup, and I can still pour vinegar or chlorine to reduce algae. The three workers, Bobby, Jason, and Matt seemed trustworthy and very competent. The installation looks really well-done.”

Project Name: 5-ton Trane XV18 Heat Pump Zone System
Location: Homewood, AL
Description: Replaced two systems with one 5-ton Trane XV18 variable speed heat pump, TAM9 variable speed air handler, Trane zone panel, Trane XL1050 Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat, Trane 1040 communicating sensor, and duct work modifications.

“Tommy and his team did a great job on a challenging HVAC install at my house.”

Project Name: 2.5-ton Trane XL15
Location: Helena, AL
Description: Installed a 2.5-ton Trane XL15 heat pump, TEM6 variable speed air handler, 10kw heat kit, and XL824 Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat with all new metal duct work and an AprilAire 2216 air cleaner.

Project Name: 3-ton Trane XR14
Location: Hoover, AL
Description: Replaced the existing 2-ton system with a 3-ton system for the bonus room. Installed a 3-ton Trane XR14 heat pump, TEM4 air handler, 8kw heat kit, and duct work for the bonus room.

“We received excellent service on 12/28/22. The worst is when your upstairs unit goes out right before Christmas and couldn’t be efficiently repaired. We checked with three other local companies and Capital provided the best value and size unit. We called a few days before christmas and got on the schedule quick. Day of service exceeded expectation. Technicians arrived 10-15 minutes before and promptly rang our doorbell right on time. Shoe covers worn while inside the house without us even asking and used protectors for floor and stairs. Old unit dismantle was quick and there were enough people (4) to move it quickly. We also had new duct work ran to a bonus room and they did a great job with it as well. I appreciate the attention to detail for things as small as rolling up the floor protectors and sweeping the area when they finished. Tim, Sam, Wes, and other guy who’s name I didn’t catch were so professional and pleasant. We are fortunate to have such a good group of guys in our area. We also have a service plan with Capital and personnel is always polite and professional with the kind of confidence you need and expect. Cannot say enough about how great Capital is.”